BrookLin: Jeremy Lin realizes his Destiny, Returns to NY (Nets) to Reunite with Atkinson

I’ve been way too excited and hyped up all day to write a post about Jeremy Lin going to the Nets, which Lin announced on his Twitter at around 7AM (I think) today, using a graphic image created by a graphic designer, who’s also a huge Nets fan @CKCash30.

Jeremy Lin Nets Announcement

But, as a Lin fan, this news is way too important for me to not write about, so I’m forcing myself to gather my thoughts and write something which will surely fall short of the moment.

Ever since I heard Atkinson’s press conference with the Nets when he was hired as head coach, I have felt that Jeremy Lin is destined to join the Nets. I wrote this post on May 16th outlining all the coincidences that link Lin with the BrookLin Nets. Most recently, I wrote this post reassuring fans that Nets is still my top pick for Lin, despite them trading away Thad Young, their second best player. And on Twitter, I’ve been solely fixated on Lin going to the Nets. I’ve pretty much ignored all the rumors and talk about him reuniting with MDA and the Rox and didn’t really entertain Lin going anywhere else, because for me Nets was by far the best choice. I’m sure some Lin fans got annoyed with my over-fixation of Lin joining the Nets. Pretty recently (June 28th), I tweeted this out to express my total fixation for Lin going to the Nets:

BrookLin BrooLin tweet

I’ve also been harassing Jeremy Lin periodically on Twitter to join the Nets, because I feel it is the place where he will finally find a home. Most recently on June 30th, I sent him this tweet.

Tweet to Lin about Joining Nets

The reason I bring up my previous articles and tweets is to hopefully give you an idea of how thrilled I am that something I have been fixated on in my mind has become reality. Because there are really no words I can use to adequately express how I feel about this news. I guess to me, Lin choosing the Nets is an indication that I really do understand his motivations, etc. I guess after writing about him since 2012, it would have been disheartening if he chose to join, say the Rockets, because that would tell me that I really don’t know how Lin thinks, etc. I’ve been so fixated on the Nets, because to me, if I was Lin the Nets is an obvious choice, because it checks off so many boxes. After writing about Lin for over 4 years, it’s nice to know that I do have a clue what he’s thinking.

I highly doubt Lin sees any of my tweets, but I’m so thrilled that he ended up not surprising me and picking the most obvious choice for him. The gravy on top for me is that Lin and his team structured pretty much exactly the type of contract I would have wanted him to structure. Lin has reportedly agreed to a three-year $36M contract with the Nets with a player option in the 3rd year. Once Lin FINALLY gets to start at PG and run the offense for an entire season, people will realize that $12M for Lin is an absolute steal. Lin probably could have gotten more money, but $12M was exactly what I expected him to get, even though he’ll outplay his contract significantly.

I congratulate Lin’s team on getting the player option for the 3rd year. This is what I was hoping they’d be able to do, but wasn’t sure teams would go for it, knowing that salaries are going to take another hike up next season. The player option in the 3rd year is really smart, because that way, Lin avoids tough Point Guard competition in next year’s free agency when you have superstar Free Agent Point Guards, such as Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, etc.

Even though I’m confident Lin will be considered a max or near max player by next year, it’s risky becoming a free agent next year if Lin has an opt out option for his 2nd year. Instead, Lin will be able to opt out the year after that when the FA competition won’t be as tough. To me, the max Lin realistically could have gotten is $15M per year, but I prefer the 3rd year player option to a straight $15M per year for three years for a number of reasons. For example, if Lin is considered a max or close to max player, Lin will most likely make up the difference in the 3rd year. Also, from a perception standpoint, it’ll be better for Lin to structure a new contract with a per year amount that is significantly higher than $15M in the 3rd year. I know that probably sounds a little complicated, but I don’t really want drag this post down by talking about contracts. I just wanted to express how I think the contract Lin’s team structured is the best they could have done, because of the very critical 3rd year player option. I know lots of Lin fans are disappointed at the $12M per year. But when you look at the contract in a little more detail, it’s actually an excellent contract and, to me, it’s ideal given reality. There are also bonuses and other such things that I think make the contract even more attractive. So overall, I’m actually very satisfied with the contract. Kudos to Jeremy Lin and his team!

The way the contract is structured also tells me that the Nets (Atkinson/Marks) are showing Lin a lot of respect and this tells me that they really want Lin. I heard rumors that Lin also got an offer from the Bulls, but the Bulls weren’t willing to give him a three-year contract, seeing Lin as more of a stop-gap measure than a long-term option. The fact that Nets agreed to a three-year contract says that they’re serious about Lin. But to me, the player option and bonuses tells me that they realize Lin is under-valued and these things give Lin the ability to eventually get paid his worth. Teams know that salaries will take another hike next year, so it’s not in their interest to give player options. But they wanted Lin so much that they gave Lin the player option and bonuses. In other words, they gave Lin a fair contract, rather than try to low-ball Lin, which shows respect and shows that Lin was their top one or two pick in free agency, as I suspected all along.

I think the driving force behind getting Lin to join the Nets is Atkinson. Some Lin fans weren’t sure what to make of Atkinson, since Atkinson hasn’t made many statements about Lin, apart from when he and Lin were with the Knicks during Linsanity in 2012. Well, I think it says a lot for Atkinson to choose Jeremy Lin as his starting point guard in his first gig as a head coach. This confirms something I’ve felt all along: that Atkinson really believes in what Lin is capable of and, thus, will allow Lin to run the offense. And this is a big reason why I’ve been so fixated on Lin joining the Nets.

For Lin fans, it’s been a long and arduous journey ever since Linsanity back in 2012. Lin has the misfortune of being with the worst teammates in the NBA in Melo, Harden, Kobe, etc. and the worst coaches in McHale and Byron Scott (both fired). He’s been forced to play out of position and been forced to play to his weaknesses, rather than to his strengths by coaches and GMs who care more about appeasing egos than winning games.

I see Atkinson and Marks as a coach and GM who cares more about winning games than playing politics. Who care more about finding under-rated players than just going for the big names, just for the sake of collecting big names haphazardly. Atkinson and Marks want to build the team the right way by taking their time finding under-rated talent with high-character and unselfishness. I know a lot of Lin fans may be concerned that the Nets lack a talented roster. But I think it’s too early to judge the Nets’s roster now. For me, it’s actually more important to build a team that fits well together and has good chemistry (unselfish, high-character) than a team loaded with talent. And I’m sure Jeremy Lin feels the same way. The culture that Atkinson/Marks want to build is exactly the culture that Lin wants to build and exactly the type of culture in which Lin thrives. This is why I’ve been so adamant that Lin will finally find a home with the Nets.

After years of having to defer to other players and being forced to stand in the corner, waiting for a ball that never gets to him, Lin is finally free to play his game for an entire season, not just when his teammates are injured. There’s a stat, courtesy of @Tonnny2012, that I have pinned on my Twitter account. It shows that in 33 games without Melo, Harden, Kemba and Batum, Jeremy Lin averages 20.4 points, 6.4 assists and has a 70% win rate. Here’s the raw data:

Jeremy Lin wo Melo Harden Kemba Batum

This tells me that Lin is capable of putting up superstar numbers and winning games. And the only thing that has stopped Linsanity since 2012 are selfish teammates and awful coaches who have forced Lin to play to Lin’s weakness, rather than his strengths. Lin is only allowed to play to his strengths when “superstars” are injured. Linsanity was borne out of desperation and since then, only happens out of desperation.

A lot of articles talking about Lin’s return to NY are very quick to make sure to mention that Lin won’t be able to bring back Linsanity, basically implying that Linsanity was a fluke. And that tells me that sports writers and such still don’t have a clue about what Jeremy Lin has been through ever since Linsanity. He’s actually significantly more skilled, mentally stronger and overall a much better player than he was during Linsanity. Lin just hasn’t had the opportunity to play to his strengths since Linsanity. But Lin has made the most of the limited/inconsistent minutes/usage that he’s been given. What is exciting for Lin fans is that BrookLin potentially presents the first opportunity since Linsanity for Lin to FINALLY be given the consistent minutes and usage that will allow Lin to finally show what he can do. Linsanity is actually the norm for Lin, it’s the entire period ever since Linsanity that is the fluke. By next year, even these uninformed sports writers will realize this.

Because Lin hasn’t been given a fair shake in his basketball career, based in large part on the way he looks, Lin continuously has to prove himself against tremendous obstacles. Back in 2012, I wrote a long article attempting to help people break through their preconceptions of Lin. Here’s a relevant excerpt:

“For those who are sincerely interested in going beyond their biases, but still somehow can’t, let me help make things easier on you. I’ll attempt to lift the blind fold by having you do a mental exercise. If Jeremy Lin hadn’t been partly discriminated against when he graduated high school. A good basketball program would have picked him up, based on his high school performance (e.g., leading his school to a State Championship). If he had gotten into a good college basketball program, like he deserved to be, he would have been drafted, maybe even in the first round. Had he been drafted in the first round, he wouldn’t have been sitting at the end of the benched or been passed from one NBA team to another. Or we can forget this entire alternative scenario and just think about how if NBA scouts had looked at Lin’s stats in college in an objective way (i.e., the way Ed Weiland did) and picked him very early in the draft based on the conclusion that he was one of the best college players in 2010, then Jeremy Lin would have immediately been validated as some sort of prodigy. I mean, only prodigies get picked that early in the draft, coming out of a no-name basketball program, right? This guy must be out of this world good! Expectations of Lin would have been pretty high from the get go. If all of this had been the case, then anyone would feel silly for continually questioning what he has done and keep wanting more and more proof if he’s for real. Or still calling him “average” even at the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Instead, people would point to Jeremy Lin’s performance as clear evidence of why he got picked in the first round and, moreover, they’ll take the 26-game sample size and extrapolate it out into the future and say that Lin will become one of the best point guards in the league. I mean, there’s clear evidence. He’s already surpassed all-time great point guards in his first 7 starts? What more evidence do you want?”

My hope is that BrookLin will finally give Lin the opportunity to finally open everyone’s eyes to what he is capable of. Being a Lin fan, it feels a little like you’re surrounded by people who think the world is flat and look at you like you’re the insane one. By next year, people will realize that Lin fans aren’t the insane ones, although they’ll never admit it publicly.

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  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I’m extremely happy for Lin to have found his NBA home for at least the next three years. The trade kicker makes the team think twice before trading him. And Lin gets the bonus money up front. It’s a steal for the Nets, and it’s the best contract Lin has ever secured in his NBA career. There is no doubt in my mind that Lin will outperform his contract and will get paid very handsomely by year #3, when he can opt out.

    The Nets still have plenty of cap space to sign a star player and more. With Atlanta’s signing of D12, Al Horford is now within reach. In case you don’t know, Horford is from the Dominican Republic, and Atkinson, in addition to be an assistant coach with the Hawks, was the head coach for the Domican Republic national team in 2015-2016. Knock on woods! 🙂

    In case you have time to burn, here’s a short take on NBA signing bonus and cap space:

    Have a GREAT (long) weekend everybody! 🙂

    • Thanks for the info on Horford, Atkinson and the Dominican Republic. Yeah, I do know about that and I’m hoping that the close connection will motivate Horford to go to the Nets. I was happy to see D12 go to the Hawks, because that indicates a higher chance that Horford would want to leave. If Nets can get Horford, that would be huge.

      In the back of my mind, amidst all the enthusiasm, I’m concerned that the big names won’t join the Nets, because they’re biased against Lin. Not accusing all NBA players of racism, but it is disturbing how some NBA players feel the need to mock Lin’s contract, when you don’t see NBA players do that to any other player. It’s pretty much an unwritten rule that you don’t mock another player’s contract. But with Lin, they do, because they somehow feel that Lin is not a great player and think he doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA somehow. So I’m a tiny bit concerned that Lin presents an obstacle for top free agents to join the Nets.

      However, whenever I have these thoughts, I remind myself that these are the types of players who wouldn’t mesh with Lin anyhow and wouldn’t be a good fit. I also remind myself that Lin is actually much better off without superstars, because he tends to defer way too much to superstars or the coaches force him to defer. Lin and Lin’s team is much better off getting solid players with high-character who are unselfish.

      My belief is that there are a lot of quality NBA players, but they are under the radar because they just haven’t been given the chance. There are only a limited number of minutes to go around and most coaches and GMs are not very perceptive and constantly misuse and under-utilize players. Take Ed Davis, for instance. The first time I saw him player, I thought he was a star, but he’s been passed around from team to team, barely being used until he joined the Blazers this past season. There are a lot of guys like that (of course, Lin is a primary example). What I love about Atkinson and Marks is that they’re specifically targeting these guys. This is why I’m so optimistic about Lin’s future with the Nets, because Atkinson and Marks aren’t superstar fuckers. They care more about fit and building the right chemistry, which is actually most important to winning games.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Concur completely with your concerns about how other NBA players and particularly “stars” view JLin. I do think there is a racial component, however without generally calling it “racism” will just call it “ignorance” due to not much contact with Asians- particularly Asian athletes and more specifically Asian athletes in a sport that is black-identified. With Horford though, and maybe with him only, Coach A has a relationship with him so Horford may trust in him more and believe in his vision. That said, if he were to sign with the Nets, it may be possible they would trade Brook Lopez because since they are both undoubtedly starters it may not be the best fit for Horford to play PF because Lopez can only play C. It has been said that Horford is best at the C position but can play PF. It’s too bad Coach A said Lopez will “not be traded” because if he were to be traded then that would reflect badly on Nets not being true to their word (see Thaddeus Young). Lopez is a stud, but I would worry about his potential for foot injury. Foot bones are fragile and he has a history. Plus the Nets signed Justin Hamilton, another C and 3 C’s would take up roster space in which they need a PF or two (I think T. Hansbrough would be a great PF backup, another greatly under-utilized player by over-rated Coach Clifford). But Horford could play PF to Lopez’ C. There are a lot of players in the NBA who can be a lot better than their perceived abilities simply because they were not utilized properly as you say and it is the FO and coaching staff who must make the evaluations- this is where their value comes in. Some people say it is the players which is true but they have to be managed and evaluated properly and if the Nets do this properly they will really surprise the league next year and make for a happy Russian!(and JLin fans). And if I might, I would like to throw another name out there who could be had cheap and has great potential upside with little risk: Jimmer Fredette. Let the summer speculatin’ continue!

        • Yeah, it’s not blatant racism. Just lack of perception and group think at work.

        • MrP1ngP0ng

          Now that Horford is completely out of the picture, I’m thinking of Donatas Motiejūnas (DMo) of the Rockets. I enjoyed watching him playing with Lin when Lin was with the Rox. DMo’s post moves come from Hakeem the Dream, who was hired to coach the Rockets’ bigs a while back. DMo can play both at #5 and #4. DMo had back surgery in March 2015. How healthy is he now, we don’t know. His FA value is low due to his back issue, I think. But then Marks is the kinda of GM who takes (calculated) risks! 😉

          I really like the DMo. He is of great character. He liked to play with Lin. Check out this video of DMo. And Lin liked to play with DMo too.

          • I haven’t kept up with DMo at all, so have no idea how he is nowadays. But Nets lack PF, so he may be worth a gamble, since he could be had for very cheap. It does look like the type of deal Marks would go after. We’ll see if it happens.

      • Ace Pagoda

        Speaking to the subject, I have not seen any public “welcome to Brooklin JLin” comments from Lopez. Hmmmm

        • Keithk

          He made a video welcoming Lin and refereing to “Brook-Lin” and he tweeted “can’t waite to practice”with Lin.

          • Ace Pagoda

            I saw a video with Brook and JLin but I thought it was made by someone else. I will check. Thank you for mentioning this. Don’t want to stir up unwarranted suspicions!

          • JAD2456

            Lopez doesn’t have a Twitter account, but he posted his welcome on his Instagram account.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        Just glanced at the FA rumor mills on ESPN and Realgm… Doesn’t look like Horford is interested in the Nets.

        I agree with you, Philosopher, that not a whole lot of big name FAs would want to come to the Nets, especially now that Lin is on board. And as to mocking Lin’s contract, let’s just call it “ignorance” per Ace Pagoda.

        From what I’ve observed, Marks seems to be rather prudent in spending big money, unlike his counter parts of many other teams. Can he find a way to trade for Ed Davis somehow? 🙂

        • That’s unfortunate that Horford doesn’t appear to be interested in joining Nets, but not surprising. I’m pretty sure the Blazers won’t let Ed Davis go. Would be so awesome to see Davis reunite with Lin. Davis is easily one of my favorite Lin teammates, if not my favorite!

  • Charlie Sun

    Is this a dream? Is LInsanity 2.0 really coming back to New York? I can’t wait!

    • It sure does feel like a dream come true to me. As a Lin fan, we only get to see Lin given the freedom to play his game in momentary spurts of desperation. Now we get an entire season of it. It hardly seems real. A year ago, it would have been unimaginable. Remember how horrible Lin’s situation was last off-season? What a change a year makes!

  • A Fan

    I like this signing just as much as anybody else here. However, let’s keep in mind that Jeremy hasn’t played for a full season as a starter, and I’m very anxious to see how well he will do under those conditions. I personally still like to play the wait and see game because you never know how this free agency period will be at the end as well as the first half of this season will be before the trade deadline and all other factors that could go into the regular season and possibly the postseason. I do expect the Nets to be competitive as a playoff team next year, but again, we will never know until the season itself unfolds. I would definitely look forward to your thoughts on the roster of the Nets at the end of the period to make a proper assessment of what we all can expect from Jeremy Lin and the nets moving forward. Keep doing what you do man. Peace.

    • pistolpete

      Lin started every game (82) in his first year at Houston

      • A Fan

        Ah, my bad. Well, I look forward to better times with Lin in BrookLin then. Hope to see him finish top 10 in MVP votes…

    • Yeah, best to take a wait and see approach and reevaluate the Nets roster later to make a proper assessment. So far, I like that the Nets FO has been making intelligent, calculated moves. Of course, it’s still very difficult to convince players to join the Nets. So they have a tough task ahead of them.

  • pistolpete

    I’m actually ok with the Net’s roster so far. There aren’t any so-called “stars” handling the ball like they’re point guards and throwing up bricks. Lin will be free to run the team and good things happen when he has that freedom. The Nets will be projected to be a bottom 5 team before pre-season. I predict they will either make the playoffs or come close shocking the so-called “experts” He who laughs last laughs best Jarret.

    • LakerLin

      Not sure if he will stay or not but I really liked Wayne Ellington when he was in LA with Lin. He is a great shooter and plays within himself. Almost like another Novak/Fields remember those days? By the way does anyone know how to change my “post as” name with Disqus? LinFan123

      • pistolpete

        I know what you mean – if you have a great shooter Lin wil get him the ball. They do have some possibilities though – Kirkpatrick, Bogdonovich and Levert have promise.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        I think all you have to do is to login to your disqus account and edit your profile.

    • MrP1ngP0ng

      I like the Nets’s FA signing too, Pistol. The latest one being Tyler Johnson. Yes, the Nets will make the playoffs with Lin playing as floor general. My Ouija board concurs! 🙂

      Just a random crazy thought here: make Dirk an offer he can’t refuse! 😉

      • pistolpete

        Yeah Johnson shot over 40% from 3 pt land his last year in college. Along with pnr with Brook Lin’s assists are going to be career high. As long as Lin and Brook stay healthy it should be a good year!

    • I agree with you. Nets will shock the “experts” who, understandably, will have extremely low expectations of the Nets. I’m also fine with Nets roster. I think what’s most important is that Lin gets the freedom to run the offense. That looks to be the case so far.

  • pistolpete

    Even with their current roster I believe the Nets will probably win around 40 games. Once other free agents see the Nets are relevant again they will come. “If you build it they will come”.

  • Linfan123

    Should I be concerned?? Signing of Tyler Johnson for $50MM…so I go to the Nets official website AND….JLIN nowhere to be seen on the home page. Just a BUNCH of pics/articles about I. Whiteside a recent draft pick (guard). Do they not understand the interest JLIN draws and that he is a STAR. Please tell me he will not have competition for the starting PG role…and that the NETS understand how popular he is. Talk me off the ledge Mr. Ping Pong, JeremyLintel our leader, Ace, anybody? I am getting concerned they view him as a “nick pick up” “bargain” etc etc Help!

    • You shouldn’t be concerned at all. I actually really like the Tyler Johnson deal. Nets had to offer Tyler a big contract, because he’s a restricted free agent. This is basically the same thing the Rox did to the Knicks to get Lin. You have to make an offer big enough that you know the other team won’t match.

      Tyler will actually only be making $5.6M and $5.8M for the first two years. It’s only in Year 3 and 4 that his salary jumps to $18.8M and $19.6M. Like Lin, he also has a 3rd year player option. If you’re worried that Tyler is making more than Lin, I wouldn’t, because Lin is actually makking $12M per year for 3 years and will likely make max or close to max in the 3rd year anyhow with his player option.

      Lin is definitely the Nets’s franchise player right now. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Lin won’t be competing with Tyler for a starting PG job. It’s already Lin’s. I think if Nets can’t get a good SG, they’ll start Tyler & Lin as combo guard (Tyler spent half of his time at SG with the Heat) with Lin being the primary ball handler. I thin this would make for a very dynamic back court. Atkinson is known for his great work with PGs, so this move makes a lot of sense for the Nets.

      Also, because I think Nets only use a minimal amount of their cap space to get Johnson in the first two years, this move show that Nets are trying to win now. Since Nets don’t own any of their first round draft picks for the next two years or something like that, Nets have no choice but to win now. They don’t want to tank.

      Tyler also strikes me as being somewhat similar to Lin in terms of being undrafted and also being underrated. So I think they’ll have great chemistry together on and off the court. I’m very excited to see Lin and Tyler play together.

      • Linfan123

        Thanks for taking me off the edge. When he signed so quickly and with a fair offer I thought…… This is it the Nets get it. They are handing him the keys. Then they signed Johnson, and I looked on their website and it was ALL about I. Whiteside who apparently is also a guard they recently drafted and I got concerned. You gave good analysis of Johnson’s contract which alleviates my concerns. It is almost too good to be true so I am waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under him/us somehow. If Johnson can shoot the 3 JLIN will make him look great. I am similar to you in that I do not think JLIN needs stars around him. Just team players who play D and have positive attitudes he can do much of the rest when the ball is in his control. ITS GONNA BE FUN!! Thanks for the response.

        QUESTION I WILL POSE TO THE GROUP……..If the season goes like we all hope….and if…..JLIN is given the keys…..would any of the group here be interested in getting tickets as a group to a game? I live in NC so it would be a trip to Brooklyn obviously, I assume it would be for many of the posters here also. But would be fun if we got 3, 4, or 5 of us together for a live game. Logistics may make it too hard,but I would be up for trying to make it work. Thoughts anyone??

        • MrP1ngP0ng

          I would love to go and watch Lin play in Brooklyn with Lin fans of this blog. But man, I live in Houston! It can be really costly! 🙁

        • I’d love to watch Lin games with Lin fans here. But I don’t think I can justify the cost of traveling across country to watch Lin play in Brooklyn. I did used to live in NYC. I think the only way I’d see Lin play in Brooklyn is if I will be traveling to NY for some other reason. Right now, I don’t have any trips planned for New York.

          Too bad we don’t all live in the same area. That way, we can at least watch the game on TV together. That would be just as great to watch Lin games with Lin fans, even if it’s on TV.

    • MrP1ngP0ng

      Hello Linfan123, it looks like you got your moniker back! 🙂

      Lin is not officially a Nets yet. That’s why he is not on the official Nets website. Don’t worry, they will probably televise Lin signing the dotted line come July 7! Lin is their best PG and will be their floor general (double) period. 🙂

      Marks is pretty consistent so far in terms of fishing for high valued but under the radar FAs. He is taking some risk reeling in players with some history of injuries. High risk high reward kinda GM, he is to me. I like the poison pill and the risk he is taking on Tyler Johnson. These guys will play their hearts out for the Nets. Lin and these no name new Nets players will stun the NBA in the upcoming season. My Ouija board says so.

      Have a great July 4 everybody, especially (for Lin fans living in the US. 🙂

      • Linfan123

        Yep got my name back thank for the guidance. Also, thanks for the explanation about him not being an “official” net yet thus the lack of presence on the website. That makes me feel better. Not too concerned about the T. Johnson signing by itself…as you said Lin will lead this underrated crew to new heights. It was just the sequence 1. I saw they signed a guard to a “relatively” large contract although as JeremyLintel explained the structure makes it not that big. 2. I go to the website and see no Lin at all 3. but tons about this drafted guard Whiteside. Those 3 things all hit me kinda quick and I was like what the heck. Your explanation helps. It looks like it is going to be an awesome year for Lin.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans! Just making conversation here….

    I had a bit of free time this morning to surf Youtube looking for Jeremy Lin and found this video showing how a Lin fan used computer software to transform the Hornets Lin into the Nets Lin. Check it out!

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • Dr. Gary Teng

    Dear Philosopher King,

    Your excellent article was translated into traditional Chinese (by 戴慧佳. aka Ashley???) and posted on the popular and high-brow website It has received universal high praises and compliments.

    Congratulations!~~~ 🙂

    BTW: The translation is superb!~~~ My hats off to this mysterious translator.

    Dear Professor MrP1ngP0ng,

    I am a little bit surprised that in the end Lin did not become your nest-door neighbor in Sugar Land, Houston. 🙁

    Anyway, I am more and more convinced everyday that Nets is the best place to start the brand new version of Linsanity. 🙂

    I have pledged my new allegiance to Nets. I can’t wait for the new NBA season to start!

    • MrP1ngP0ng

      ‘Good to see you jump back in, DGT! 🙂 What about the Nettes? Do you pledge your allegiance to them too? 😉

      Yeah, I totally whiffed on the Rockets. I thought because of MDA, the Rockets would try hard to get Lin to come back, but I was wrong. I guessed right on the Pels though. Lin said at one point in time that he would really like to PnR with AD the Brow. Ace Pagoda guessed right on the Bulls as a suitor. I figure the Bulls offered Lin the same deal as Rondo’s, and that wasn’t good enough for Lin. Bulls fans don’t seem to be to happy about Raja ball.

      On a separate note, are the Spurs becoming a geriatric ward or something?

    • Great to see you here, DGT! Thanks for the info about my article being translated. That’s awesome that it’s being passed around and I’m glad to know that the translation is excellent. Glad people are enjoying reading it. Thanks to the mysterious person who translated it, whoever you are!

    • young Ashley

      Dear GT,

      I wish had been that dedicated and passionate, but it wasn’t me. Thanks for the guessing anyhow.

      I, like nearly every Lin man, is thrilled at Lin’s signing with the Nets and the exciting journey he’s about to embark on. The three-year-36-million deal is not the best I think Lin deserves, but it’s definitely better than whatever scenario my pessimism had ever concocted. I wish the Nets hadn’t offered that much to TJ, who hasn’t played much in the NBA, even though I know Lin needs good teammates and TJ’s going to get only about 5 or 6 million the first two seasons. Lin’s third year is a player option, but I wish he got a longer and bigger contract, so I won’t need to worry about him in two or three years’ time.

      All in all, I’m glad to find out that high-character guy Atkinson talked about really was Lin–it couldn’t be anyone else, right? Our guy needs a coach who’s been so close to him and known him so well to truly appreciate and want him. He hasn’t earned that all-star status yet, which would render him welcome to any team as a starter, like Wade or Rose. I hope he will make it as a Net in a year or two. Honestly, we fans have coach Atkinson to be thankful for, for a dream come true for both Lin and the fans.

      • Dr. Gary Teng

        Dear Philosopher King,

        I am deeply impressed by your post-season analyses and prediction of which team Lin was going to join to continue his NBA journey.

        The more I read your article and get to know coach Atkinson, the more I am convinced that the Nets’ management and coaching teams are sincerely treating Lin as the cornerstone of the new Nets and carefully building the new roster around Lin.

        BTW: Your great article posted on the has received 4538 views and 37 comments so far, all highly positive and complimentary!~~~

        Dear Professor MrP1ngP0ng,

        No money, no honey. I have nuked the honey hive in my backyard and am putting all my (remaining) eggs in one basket — I am using my nest egg to build a brand new nest for my newly-wed Nette girl. 🙂

        Please don’t feel bad about your whiff of Rockets (powder cake). It was a dud — all smoke, no fire! I smoked too, but no inhalation. 🙂

        BTW: It does seem to me that the Spurs’ old guards and Popo are planning to retire together in the coming years.

        Dear young Ashley,

        You or Jane Doe, YOU are my heroine!~~~

        I firmly believe that Lin has made an extremely smart move by joining the Nets. With a coach who trusts him and an FO who supports him, plus high-character teammates, no ball hog or low life, etc., just a matter of time Linsanity 2.0 will reemerge on the TV screen in front of us all.

        God is good!~~~

  • The news I’ve been waiting for. Tyler Johnson has signed Nets’s $50M offer sheet. This is great news as it was widely thought that the Heat could convince Tyler to not sign the Nets’s offer sheet and sign a similar contract with them without the poison pill now that Wade is gone. Now the Heat have three days to match and swallow the poison pill, I hope the Heat don’t match, because I think TJ and Lin can have great chemistry on the court. They’re both undrafted, underrated and dynamic.

  • Here’s an article on Tyler Johnson and his family’s reaction to him agreeing to Nets deal that’s worth a read. Also has mention of Lin. There are some interesting parallels between TJ and Lin and I think they have very similar personalities. I have confidence that they’ll also have great chemistry on the floor:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    In a twist of fate, Johnson could end up as Lin’s teammate in Brooklyn. The 6-3 point guard who went undrafted out of Harvard agreed to a three-year, $36 million contract with the Nets last Friday after a meeting in Palo Alto.

    “It’s amazing,” Jennifer Johnson said. “Two undrafted guys from 15 minutes apart in schools. It’s pretty darn awesome.”

    Lin, 27, who opted out of a two-year, $4.3 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets to become an unrestricted free agent, will be reunited with Nets coach Kenny Atkinson, an assistant coach with the New York Knicks during the “Linsanity” episode four years ago.

    “I just know that at this stage of his career, he wants the opportunity to be a starting point guard and to see what he can do when he’s responsible for a team and not just be a backup,” said Peter Diepenbrock, the boys basketball coach at Paly when Lin led the Vikings to a state title as a senior in 2006. “So he’s real excited and he’s got a coach that knows him and has coached him, so a lot of trust there. And that’s really important.

  • So far, even though Nets haven’t gotten the big stars (although I would consider Lin a big star), I’ve been very happy with what Marks has done and he has acted exactly the way I expected him to when I was fixated on Lin joining the Nets. Marks/Nets have been deliberate and careful with their spending, looking for value and fit.

    I’m sure Lin is thrilled that he avoided Chicago. Rondo/Wade/Butler looks like a potential train wreck. Lin/Wade/Butler would mean Lin doesn’t get to handle the ball, once again. Lin really dodged a bullet there. Good thing Lin is smart enough to make the right choice.

  • Here’s a BBall Breakdown of Tyler Johnson:

    It’s kind of eerie how much of this BBall Breakdown by Coach Nick sounds like he’s talking about Lin. There are lots of similarities between TJ and Lin in their games, path to NBA and their personalities/character. I think they’ll compliment each other well and have great chemistry. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of TJ starting as SG with Lin, rather than being Lin’s backup PG.

  • Chirico

    Completely agree with you. Dear philosopher. This did seem like dreams come true for Lin fans. I’ve spent quite some time checking several forums and had come to conclusion that Jeremy this time around is in good hands.

    A type of player like JLin who is especially going to perform exceptionally well under a coach who understands him and trust him with the ball In his hand, pluses teammates with high character. These two are the major factors to JLin’s success on the court. Good things will happen as long as these two factors persist. This team will be storming the NBA the next season.

    A perfect Linsane storm is coming..

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    In case you are bored and have time to burn, the Nets vs Cavs summer league game is on free at

  • Atkinson finally speaks about Jeremy Lin and, boy, it’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for ever since I saw Atkinson’s first press conference with Nets. Atkinson says things about Lin that no coach, aside from MDA, dares to say about Lin. Here’s an excerpt I found on Twitter:

    “I don’t think there’ll be a quarterback controversy,’’ Atkinson joked. “Everybody thinks Jeremy’s best position is that combo guard off the bench. We took a kind of outside-of-the-box idea and said he can be our full-time point guard. I saw it in flashes in New York that he can distribute the ball.

    “He’s got great vision. If you look at his attributes, he can play the point guard position and he can defend the point guard position. I see him leading our team. I see him being a great pick-and-roll combination with Brook [Lopez]. That’s part of the reason we got him. We challenged him with that role.”

    So for those who are still not sure what Atkinson thinks of Lin, now I think it’s clear. My favorite part about the above quote is that Atkinson essentially implied that Lin has been misused by previous coaches who saw Lin as a backup combo guard. Atkinson sees Lin as a full-time starting PG and will give Lin the keys to the offense, and this is why I’ve been so fixated on Lin joining the Nets.

  • Ace Pagoda

    I hope JLin in getting what he asked for does not regret it. From the looks of the roster the Nets are assembling they are looking and hoping for more talent than appears on the surface. This was to expected I guess because even their two bids for UFA had some risk in that they were not established stars, rather very promising players who the Nets must have thought they could have brought out the best in, much like the young signings they are filling their roster out with now- except of Vasquez and Foye. This is a young team built for speed with a lot of guards, combo guards especially. It seems the Nets are going to put a heavy load on JLin’s shoulders to make this a better team than it appears on paper. Coach A has a lot of work to do also to develop whatever talent is there. If JLin goes down a big big part of the program will suffer so let’s keep our fingers crossed for an injury free year. On paper the Nets are not going to scare anybody. The stage is set for JLin to really show what he can do and not matter which way it goes it promises to be an exciting journey with big ups and downs. I don’t expect this team to come out of the gates hot, but after half a season of coaching, getting to know one another and learning how to play the players I can see a JLin inspired 2nd half run to maybe the playoffs. I hope JLin makes Brook Lopez an All Star. This scenario may be based more on hope than reality at this time but if it does happen it will be a great NBA season for JLin fans.

    • PoweredByRice

      The danger is that if there is a lot of pressure on Lin to make or create plays due to a lack of playmakers on the team, we may see his turnover numbers go up. They will go up regardless due to his inevitable higher usage rate.

      Hopefully Lin will learn to pace himself and preserve his body as he will get hammered driving to the basket a lot.

      • Chirico

        I would not worry about his turn over at all. Compare to other so called star get me the baller, his TO is nothing but a prejudice against his style of play. It is a small by product. It is going to happen, with higher usage rate, but what the team gains from his style of play is much more than the harm caused by his TO. I can almost predict that there is going to be articles written specifically next season about his TO by those Lin doubter/haters, but the holes in those pieces they wrote is as laughable as some old joke to me.

    • Good to see that you managed to find the latest article, Ace. Yep, big burden is placed on Lin, but I think that Lin is up to the challenge and will relish in it. No more looking over his shoulder and no more having to feel like he needs to defer. Yes, the biggest thing I’m concerned about is injury to Lin. I’m patient this time around, since I see the Nets with Atkinson/Marks as a long-term home for Lin. So it’ll still be a successful season even if Nets don’t make the playoffs. Just hoping they play their heart out and compete every night or at least nearly every night.

  • Ace Pagoda

    Interesting article on Hoops Hype about the worst free agent signings. They list 30 and #2 and #5 are Crabbe and Johnson. The ratings are supposed to be from readers so take it for it is worth but if true then maybe the Nets dodged a bullet. Nowhere on this of 30 was JLin’s name found which is nice because it reduces the pressure to perform. Lot of pressure on Coach Atkinson to get the most out of this “high character” cast of players. Nets have made so much about “high character” I wonder if the rest of the NBA is maybe insulted. A little more pressure on the coach and his anointed PG to perform well. For me, as not very much is known about many of these players especially the Nets holdovers it is hard to assign a grade. We will have to trust that Marks and Atkinson are good judges of hidden talent and can bring that talent to the forefront. The signing of Anthony Bennett is intriguing to me not because I have studied him and have an opinion on his talent level but it is hard to think that Cleveland blew it that badly in drafting him #1. There must have been something there and since Bennett as seemingly dedicated himself to being a professional basketball player then there is no PG better to bring out those qualities than JLin, and ditto for his other teammates.