Now that Jeremy Lin is Finally Where He Belongs Lin Fans can Sit Back and Enjoy the Games

Boy, what a difference a year makes! A year and a half ago, I could not imagine Lin would be given the keys to the offense, even though he has deserved it. A year and a half ago, Lin’s prospects seemed dismal. Well, Lin has managed to repair his reputation significantly and now the general consensus among Nets fans and analysts, as well as the Nets organization, is that he and Brook Lopez are the face of the franchise. And, unlike when Lin joined the Rockets in 2012, Lin has embraced his role as the face of the franchise.

I’m not sure if many will recall, but when Lin joined the Rockets (and before Harden came on board), the Rockets media did make a big deal out of him, but Lin felt self-conscious about being seen as the face of the franchise. I wrote several articles about this. As a result of being self-conscious, Lin seemed to downplay himself and he seemed not to want to shine in practice, because he didn’t want to be seen as hogging the spotlight. Because Lin didn’t want to shine during practice, he didn’t really showcase what he could do and, as a result, his teammates didn’t really understand what the big deal was about him. So they weren’t quite ready to embrace him as their leader. Of course, once Harden joined, it all of this didn’t matter.

Even though Lin didn’t need to go through all the bullshit he has gone through since Linsanity to continue to improve his game, he did make the most of those challenging experiences. Jeremy Lin today is a significantly more polished and versatile player than he was during Linsanity and he is embracing his role as a team leader. He’s also been embraced by his teammates as their leader and mentor. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, in particular, has heaped all sorts of praise on Lin for Lin’s mentorship. Lin has also taken Whitehead under his wing as Whitehead continues his transition to the PG role.

Ever since I saw Atkonson’s press conference when he joined the Nets, I’ve been obsessed about Jeremy Lin joining the Nets. I saw it as Lin’s destiny. And ever since Lin signed with the Nets, my very high expectations of what it could mean for Lin joining the Brook-Lin nets has been exceeded so far. I know we have to wait to watch the games, but so far:

  • Lin has been given the keys to the offense
  • The Nets appear to be buying into the concept of team-ball and I think they have the right players to impliment team-ball
  • Lin has a bunch of high-character, high IQ teammates with high potential for great team chemistry
  • Lin has been embraced as a leader by his teammates, coaches and the Nets organization
  • The New York media has been overwhelmingly positive about Lin
  • Nets fans have overwhelmingly embraced Lin

So even though preseason hasn’t started, yet, as a Lin fan this is new territory for us. Because of what we have been through, I get that it’s prudent to be cautiously optimistic. But I think we need to also resist our natural inclination to find every little fault. I encourage Lin fans to give things time and not rush to judgement when we don’t see something we don’t like. I’m sure there will be times when Atkinson doesn’t play Lin exactly the way I want him to, but I trust that Lin and Atkinson have a close enough relationship for them to figure out what’s best for both Lin and the team. For example, one of my concerns from watching scrimmage clips is that I didn’t see any pick-and-roll for Lin. But I’m willing to just sit back and just enjoy and not complain about every little thing I don’t agree with. This is because I know Lin has the power to change things the way he wants to in his current situation and if Lin doesn’t then that’s probably because he doesn’t want to for whatever reason.

I anticipate I won’t be writing very much this season, because when things are good, I don’t have as much to write about. Normally, when I write, it’s because I want to vent or I want to point out something that I think needs to change. When things are good, I tend to be less vocal, because I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride. After some very frustrating years, I think we Lin fans deserve a break.

It’s hard for me to say how many games the Nets will win. I definitely think it will be more than 30 and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they end up wining 45+ and make it into the playoffs. So I have a huge range of expectations for the Nets.

Contrary to what even a lot of Lin fans may think, I do think Lin can carry a team (he proved this during Linsanity and every chance he has gotten to start and run the offense), because he’s the unique star that can make his teammates better. There aren’t that many stars who can do this. I actually think this Nets team with one other star in Brook Lopez, solid veterans and young players with potential is a pretty ideal makeup for Lin and the Nets. It actually might backfire if the Nets added a third star, because Lin is much better in the leadership role. I’m always reminded of what Lin’s college coach said. That his biggest concern for Lin in the NBA is that Lin needs to be the leader to succeed and he doesn’t think the NBA will let Lin lead a team. So I think the Nets may actually be better off with just Brook and Lin as the two stars on the team, because that way they are more likely to play team ball and win games. If they added a third star, that third star would need to be committed to team ball, as well, and those types of stars aren’t as easy to find.

On top of that, Lin’s energy is contagious. Remember Linsanity?! The entire team was basically celebrating every point and they all had joy for the game. It was like they were in color and their opponent was in black-and-white. Well, as long as the Nets don’t end up being as awful as all the “experts” predict, I think they will show the same level of joy that we saw during Linsanity. Even though it’s hard to predict how the Nets would do as a team, I’m confident that Lin will average 20+ points and 8 assists and shoot 40% from long-range.

My only concern this season is that Lin and the team remain healthy for the entire season. As long as they are all healthy and playing team ball on both sides of the floor, I think they have a shot. Last year, Lin mentioned that the Hornets reminded him of playing on his high school team. Well, I think if the Nets manage to win and make it to the playoffs or come close, then this Nets team will remind Lin of his high school days even more, because this time, Lin is the leader of the team like he was in high school. In an interview with Brook Lopez, he recounted a story of when he first saw Lin back in high school. Apparently, Lin was a big name in high school basketball, so Brook felt a little shy when he spotted Lin at a fast food restaurant. Now they are teammates. Yet, another sign that Lin was destined to join the Brook-Lin Nets. Lin is finally where he belongs, it’s time for us Lin fans to just sit back and enjoy the games.

Here’s a video I did on the Linsanity documentary back in 2013, when I made YouTube videos on Lin. I hope it helps get you pumped up for this season–not that you need any help. Enjoy!

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  • MrP1ngP0ng

    My not-so-bold prediction for the Nets’ upcoming season: if Lin and the team stay relatively healthy, they will double last season’s wins and will make the playoffs.

    I am absolutely confident on Lin’s ability to play and to lead. Lin will go full board, leaving it all on both ends of the floor in every game. Injuries can happen and will happen. It’s just matter of degrees of severity. Though I am not a religious person, I will pray to the Gods of Basketball to protect Lin and his teammates.

    Preseason game #1 coming up tomorrow: letzzz gooo, JL7!

  • Ray B

    I’ve watched a lot of games/film of various players on the Nets. You don’t have to be a pro to know they are talented players who haven’t been given a chance. Look for career years from Lin, Lopez, Bogdanavic and Booker. Hamilton is a really nice stretch big and can pass really well out of the post. The Nets….if they stay healthy, will contend for a playoff spot. I can barely contain my excitement. The thoroughly and completely uninformed sports world will learn that Lin is a game changer and a star in the NBA. “JLin UNLEASHED”.

    • MrP1ngP0ng

      JLin UNLEASHED indeed. Except for Lopez, just about everyone on the team is an underdog who has not been given a real chance. And now that these underdogs are given a chance, they will play their hearts out.

      I can’t wait to see the whole team play as a team and win. I am patient however. Because these guys are new to each other, it will take time for the team to gel. I am patient. Lin will help raise the level of everyone’s game. And from what I’ve read, his teammates are embracing Lin as their leader.

      My very conservative prediction is Lin and company will figure it all out by the ASB. Playoffs by April time. No doubt about it!

    • After watching them in action and after thinking about all the x-factors the Nets have, such as incredible coaching, as well as an organization that is about analytics and is very detailed-oriented, I do believe now that they can make the playoffs. Unselfish team ball with tremendous effort goes a long way. And I think people underrate the amount and level of talent on the Nets.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Jeremy Lin, Player of the Game!


    • Lin shooting it like I expected him to when I predicted that he’d shoot 40% from 3s in this article.

      Lin playing loose and free. His attitude on the court reminds me of Steph Curry. Effortless. Just having fun.

      Lin’s improved shooting will really open up his game. My only disappointment for Lin on the offensive end is that I didn’t see hardly any PnRs. I”m afraid that this will continue to be the case. But the difference with this team is that Lin actually gets the ball back after giving it up. His teammates actually look for him.

      Lin also nails the post-game analysis, as usual. And the difference this year is that he has a coach who is smart enough to listen to his input.

      Big credit to Atkinson for getting the players to buy into playing unselfish, team ball on the offensive end. There weren’t very many forced shots or stagnation.

      Unselfish, team ball and a lot of effort goes a long way. That’s what this team’s identity is. So they will surprise. Playoffs not out of the question.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        Agreed about the lack of PnRs. I dunno know anything about the Nets besides Lin. All I’ve read is Lopez is a great PnR’s big. Is he really? We’ll find out in a few more games.

        This is KA’s first stint as an NBA head coach. I dunno anything about his brand of BB. PnR’s is the bread and butter of BB. Lin is a master at it. He will make it happen. I am 100% sure about it.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I know it was just one pre-season game, but I’m very much impressed by Yogi and very much disappointed with Bennett. Yogi is quick, aggressive on both ends of the floor and fearless. Bennett is rather wimpy and played with absolutely no confidence.

    • Lots of people impressed with Yogi. Hopefully, Bennett will prove himself.

      Overall, I really like the makeup of this team. I think they have enough talent and I love their unselfishness. Playing like a unit. Very fun to watch. Credit to Atkinson.

  • Anyone else notice Lin shot 7/11 from the field in his first preseason game with the Nets? Hmm…Brook-Lin!

    • Pistolpete

      I noticed it from the box score. I couldn’t watch the game unfortunately. Anybody know any website to watch the Knicks game? I’ve got league pass but can’t get preseason games.

      • Dr. Gary Teng

        The preseason games are shown on the left side of the newly-designed (which is terrible and very user-unfriendly by the way.)

        The Nets-Knicks game is live-broadcasted by the League Pass. You can watch it by clicking the Nets-Knicks game screen at 4:30 ET and then drag the screen to the right.

        • Pistolpete

          Thank you Dr. Gary. I did try that and I just got a spinning circle.

          • Dr. Gary Teng

            You need to do it at 4:30 ET sharp or a few minutes after 4:30, not before. That is how the League Pass work. 🙁

            Best of luck and enjoy the game!~~~

            BTW: Lin and Scola will not play tonight. 🙁

          • Pistolpete

            I’m a little confused about the timing. The game is at 7:30 ET. Why do it at 4:30?

            I heard they’re sitting out which is a bummer. I understand the coaches have to evaluate a lot of people but the team also has to learn to play together. I personally feel they should play at least some limited minutes.

          • Dr. Gary Teng

            I am sorry to confuse you. I live at the west coast so it is 4:30 my time. If you live at the east coast, it is 7:30 your time. The new says the game starts at 4:30 ET which is a mistake. It should have said that the game starts at 7:30 ET.

            Anyway, the League Pass starts to work at 7:30 ET, not a few minutes before.

          • Pistolpete

            Thank you! I will try that for today’s game (even though Lin is not playing). 😩

  • Pistolpete

    Thanks for sharing the video philosopher. I’m not ashamed to admit I almost cried watching it. It’s been such a long tough ride for Lin and his fans since the Linsanity days. He finally has his chance now to truly lead a team and I’m sure he’ll make the most of it.
    Watching his shooting form in your video and comparing it to his form last night I’d have to say his new shot looks better. Of course during Linsanity he hit a high percentage of threes and we have only one preseason game to compare to. I remember preseason in Charlotte last year when he was shooting lights out but really struggled during the regular season. I think it will be different this time as he has had a year to become comfortable with his new shooting form.
    I was also very impressed with the team as a whole and the coaching. The Nets have been predicted to be at the bottom of the NBA this year but they have a good coach, high character players, good chemistry and of course they have Lin who makes everyone better! Providing Brook-Lin stay healthy I predict they will win between 35-45 games and contend for a playoff spot.

    • Thanks for your feedback about the video! It means a lot to me that you felt the way you did about it.

      I also remember last preseason in Charlotte and totally agree with you that it will be different this season.

      I really do think this team has plenty of talent. I think people underrate the level of talent on this team and people also underrate the importance of unselfish, high BBall IQ ball. Atkinson is going to be a big part of the Nets’s success with his very intelligent coaching. Also the Nets organization is so well-run, based on analytics and they’re very detailed oriented. I think these are all things people overlook when evaluating the Nets.

      After seeing them in action and thinking about the X-factors more, I actually do think this team can make the playoffs so I will revise my prediction from 30+ games to 40+ games. And 45+ is doable. The key is that there are no major injuries to the team. As long as they have good health, I think they have great potential, because they’ll play unselfish team ball with a great amount of effort.

  • The NBA is starting to treat Jeremy Lin like a star. This is a video to promote the NBA. It shows only one star from each team talkinga bout the upcoming season. Jeremy Lin is the star chosen for the Nets. Interesting note: Greg Popovich is the only non-player that was chosen to represent their team.

  • I’d like to revise my season average prediction for Jeremy Lin. My new prediction is: 21+ points and around 7 assists. 41%+ from long range.

  • Zach

    I’d consider myself a pretty big Lin fan. But we’ve gotta be realistic guys. I think there’s a chance the Nets won’t be as terrible as everybody thinks they’ll be, but their chances of making the playoffs is very, very low.

    If Lin is improving mentally to the degree that he says he is, I could see his long range shot going up to 40%. But predicting that he’ll get 20+ points and 8+ assists is pretty unreasonable. If he was scoring those numbers, he’d be a shoo-in for Most Improved. I think Lin will be averaging anywhere from 15-18 ppg and 5 asg max.

    • I think Lin’s numbers will depend on what type of offense Atkinson runs. If he runs more PnRs, then I think Lin will have big numbers. 20+/8+ is very realistic. BUT, now that I see Atkinson favors motion offense, it’s harder to say. Also, I think Atkinson will evolve his offense as he learns more about the team. I think assists around 7 (probably 6.7 if I had to pick a specific number), is my guess. So far, Lin isn’t handling the ball as much as I would have expected him to, but it’s preseason, so not sure what it’ll look like in regular season.

      I guess my point is, Lin is very much capable of 20+/8+ if he’s given keys to the offense and will be doing a lot of PnRs, which is what I basically expected when I made those predictions. But now I see Atkinson favors more of a motion offense, it’s harder to say. But I will still stick to 21+ points average for Lin and probably more like 6.7 assists, since I think once the regular season begins, Lin will handle the ball a lot more than he has been in preseason. I’ve also increased my 3P range to 41%.

      I am confident Lin will win Most Improved, as long as Lin stays healthy.

      To me, if Lin averages under 18 points, that would be highly disappointing and Lin is not as good as I think he is.

  • Linfan123

    Welcome back all my LIN Peeps! It was hard for me to sit out the political dialogue but… is back! So excited! JLintel, PistolPete, Mr. PingPong are you as pumped as I am? I have even converted my wife… who considered getting us tickets to opening night in Brooklyn but it didn’t work out.

    So: A few thoughts to get us going.
    1. Jeremy is going to have a big year personally. Big minutes big stats, possible all star bid though that will be tough.
    2. I know everyone is very high on Lopez but….from what I have seen I am not sold he is a great fit for JLIN. He is not very athletic and “pick and Pops” for soft jumpers a lot. JLin needs someone who will at least half the time roll Hard! Like Chandler did, Like Ed Davis did in La, Like Zeller did in Charlotte. JLin looks great with bigs that can either pop or roll hard for a dunk. I don’t feel the roll option is there with Lopez.
    Haven’t seen them play that much admittedly so..if I am wrong please let me know, but that is what I think. (Lopez seems like a good dude and Lin supporter which makes him all good with me Im just sayin he aint gonna roll much which hurts Jeremy)
    3. The offense is more ball movement based than P&ROll based anyway. Love the way they are passing the ball! Hope they keep it up!
    4. How about those 3s in game 1? !! I think our guy was like 6 for 7 from three! Hope he keeps it up.
    5. What is with Carmelo Anthony? He is really starting to come off weak and whiny. Which we already knew…but you would think he would have matured to be able to just be happy for Jeremy and put the past behind them…but….he cant. Always with the backhanded compliments. Hope the Nets Destroy NY every time they play!

    Its Here Go Jeremy!

    • MrP1ngP0ng

      ‘Good to hear from you, Linfan123! Yeah, it’s gonna be fun now that Lin is given the key. I’m dusting off my Ouija board to get ready for Oct. 26! 🙂

      From what I’ve seen so far in the first three pre-season games, the Nets’ defense is rather weak. You can’t win without good defense. Who is the defensive coordinator for the Nets, anyone knows?

      Offensive wise, just like many other Lin fans, I’d like to see more PnR actions. It will take time for the team to gel. I am patient. I’m 100% confident that Lin and Company will figure things out. My Ouija board says, just wait until the ASB! 🙂

      • Linfan123

        Thanks Mr. Ping Pong. Your Ouija Board cannot be denied. JLin playing great so far! Last night’s game was on NBA TV. He is playing very fast and shooting it lights out

    • Great to see you, again, Linfan123! As you may know, I’ve been very busy with the election. So my focus has been on that more.

      But, of course, I’m pumped! I’m jealous that you live in New York and can watch the games. I wish I was still living in NYC. It would be so much fun just to hang out at bars and watch games. I’ve been catching the pre-season games.

      I haven’t seen many of Lopez’s games, so I’m not really sure what he’s capable of. Although, he definitely is not a hard roller type, which Lin does need. Ed Davis is perfect for Lin. Wish he was on this team.

      What I’ve noticed so far is that Atkinson favors motion offense. He’s done very few high PnRs with Lin, which is a bit of a concern for me. I do like motion offense, though, but I think they need to mix in high PnRs in order to be successful. Pure motion offense is a waste of Lin’s capabilities. But it’s still preseason, so we’ll see how things really look once the season starts.

  • PoweredByRice

    Lin’s newfound confidence in his 3pt shot is totally unexpected…….if his jumpshot really has improved and he can do that consistently then that opens up a whole new dimension to his game.

    Defenders won’t be able to lag off of him to defend against his drives. They’ll have to guard him closer which will make them more vulnerable to the PnR.

    That being said, some folks here have been making some pretty unrealistic predictions as to the Net’s W/L record…40 wins, etc. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s realistic…..most experts are predicting 20+ wins…about the same as last year. So I would say 30 wins is a good optimistic win total if Lin plays the way we all know he can play. But 40 wins? No way. If Lin starts tearing up the league then opposing teams will start double-teaming him. Plus as a starter his style of play will wear his body down towards the end of the season.

    As Lin fans we have been all clamoring for Lin to get more minutes…we will get our wish this year but we need to be careful about getting too much of a good thing. Now the question of Lin’s minutes is no longer an issue….he will get his minutes but his coaches will have to manage his minutes to ensure that he doesn’t break down as the season wears on.

    • I have a feeling Atkinson is not the type of coach who will wear over-use players. He’s more of the Spurs mold. So I’m not at all concerned about Lin being worn out. Lin’s also in great condition. I think I’ve predicted 30+ wins. But I’m increasing it to 35+ wins. To me, playoffs is not out of the question, because I think this will be a very motivated, well coached team. We’ll see. The problem is a lot of teams around the league have gotten better and also have better coaches, it seems. So tougher competition this year, I think.

      When compared to the Hornets team last year, i don’t this team is that worse talent-wise. And this team is lead by Lin, not Walker. Also, I think Atkinson is a better coach than Clifford or at least has potential to be. So it’s not so crazy to think this team can make the playoffs. Experts have no clue when it comes to Lin. It’s insane to me to think this team will win just as many games as last year’s Nets. So to me it’s actually more insane to say Nets will only win 20 games than to say that they’ll make the playoffs. So when you think of it that way, the “experts” are actually the ones who sound insane.

      • Pistolpete

        Agreed. The “experts” have a real blind spot when it comes to Lin. Vegas says they’ll only win 21 games. I’m thinking of putting up some money on this.

        • Do you live in Vegas? I’ve never bet on sports, so I have no idea how to do it. Do I have to be in Vegas to do it? I would like to put money on this, as well. Do you have any idea what the payout is?

          • Dr. Gary Teng

            You (or someone) have to be in Vegas to do it.

            Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook On Tuesday, Oct 11:

            Nets to win NBA division: 100:1 (It was 200:1 three weeks ago.)
            Nets to win conference: 300:1 (It was 500:1 three weeks ago.)
            Nets to win NBA championship: 1000:1.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I missed the Heat game tonight. From the box score, Lin seemed to play quite efficiently. Something went awry in the third quarter. And the Heat were raining down treys in the game highlights. Gotta play better defense guys!

    Anyway, I hope to catch the Celts game this Thursday. I understand it’s preseason and coach KA is gauging his player, trying out various combinations. But I sure would like to see more of Brook and Lin playing together. I disregard all those claims that these two key players are a perfect fit. It takes time to develop chemistry. Let them develop it in real game conditions now. That’s my two cents.

    On a tangential note, I am rooting for Yogi to make the team somehow. I don’t know how, but the “kid” can play in my view.

    • Pistolpete

      I watched the game on nba tv. What happened in the 3rd quarter was Rondae started going Iso and was turning the ball over & missing shots. Still they only trailed by 4 with 5:30 remaining when the put in subs and had Whitehead as PG. the offense and defense stagnated and by the end of the 3rd they were down 17. Looks like Whitehead belongs in the D league. Lin looked real good again and it looks like his shot is for real.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        ‘Good to hear from you. Pistol! Thanks for the lowdown on what went on in that sad 3rd quarter. It’s gonna be a long preseason, isn’t it? 😉

        • Pistolpete

          Coach is playing almost everyone to make a judgement on who to cut. This makes sense in preseason but won’t win you many games. I just don’t see why he’s been so high on Whitehead I watched him in the summer league and was very unimpressed. I know Brook didn’t play but it looks like their interior defense and rebounding will be an issue.

          • Yeah, so far I’m not impressed with Whitehead. I think it’s a New York thing. Both coach and him are from New York. So maybe that’s why. He’s still young, though, so put him in D League and have him develop. To me, Yogi is better than Whitehead.

    • so far, I actually think Yogi is better than Whitehead or Vasquez. I know that sounds crazy and it probably is, because I would need to see more of Yogi to really be sure. But Yogi has a lot of potential and heart. He really wants it. Vasquez I think still needs to get back into form or something. We’ll see.

  • For those who have been concerned about the lack of PnRs, listening to Atkinson’s interview towards the end should put you at ease:

    From what I gather, Atkinson does understand the importance of PnRs, but right now, he wants to establish the motion offense, so players get used to it. And he wants Brook-Lin to work within the motion offense. But he understands that there will be times–especially crunch time–when they’ll need to run specific plays for Brook-Lin or do PnRs for them. Also, I think he’ll add more PnRs in the regular season. He didn’t say this specifically, but that’s kind of what I inferred. We’ll see. I hope they do run high PnRs for Lin. They need to do this to be successful.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    My quick reaction to the Celts game tonight.

    Lin: shooting was off; 6/9 FTs is way off his career average of 80%.
    Vasquez: smh!
    Bennett: deceptively weak, both mentally and physically.
    Lopez: so so, seemed rusty. KA needs to play him more.
    Booker: lots of energy, giving it all.
    Scola: Nets player of the game.
    The rest of the guys: ok. I missed Yogi Bear.
    They all need time to gel as a team. It will happen.

    I am guessing KA will rest Lin the next game, saving Lin for the preseason finale at home against his beloved Knicks.

    Have a good night/morning/afternoon everyone, wherever you are on this WEB.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Hello Lin fans, Lin non-fans, and non Lin fans! Just making conversation here…

    So it’s another preseason game for the Nets tonight against the Celts in Boston. My guess is coach KA will rest Lin and give more time to the backup PG candidates. Now that Whitehead is on his way to the D-league, there is a little bit of hope for Yogi to make the 13-man roster. I’m hoping that coach KA will play Yogi tonight. I really like Yogi and I’m rooting for him.

    I will miss tonight’s game. Enjoy the game if you will be watching it. And do write some recap here if you have the time. Thanks in advance.

    Have a great day/evening wherever you are on this WEB!

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I was able to watch the first quarter of the Celts game. From what I’ve seen and read, Lin played ok except for some careless TOs. My Yogi did not play and so it looks like he won’t make the team. Disappointed.

    Coach KA is still trying to mix and match. I hope he will trot out his starting five in the upcoming last preseason game. Even though preseason games do not count, but winning the last game preseason game is a great confidence booster for everyone.

    Onto to the Knicks! Letzzzz Goooo Nets!

    • Nets just cut four or so players and Yogi survived, thankfully. I hope Yogi stays. So far, Yogi looks better than Whitehead to me.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        ‘Good to know. I think Yogi is better than Whitehead too. A lot of Nets fans seem to like Yogi. Nets need to cut one more. It looks tough for Yogi.