Jeremy Lin Will Return to a Stronger Nets Team than the One he Left – Much Brighter Days Ahead for Nets/Lin Fans

I know it’s been tough watching the Nets without Jeremy Lin. I have to admit, I actually haven’t been watching the Lin-less games very closely and have skipped many of their games, but it looks like Lin will be returning very soon so things with improve significantly for the Nets very soon. My bet is that Lin returns for the Lakers game. We’ll see.

I’ve been a casual observer of the Lin-less Nets, so I’m not sure if my views are valid, but, overall the Nets did better than I expected without Lin. They were right in it in a lot of games and did beat the Clippers. So I actually haven’t been too down about the Nets. Given how short-handed they have been, I think they did just as well as I could have hoped.

Of course, it sucks that Lin got injured, but it’s better than it happened early in the season, rather than, say in the middle of the season. We still have nearly 75% of the season left to go so there’s still a chance the Nets can still make something happen and I think the Nets learned a lot of good lessons during Lin’s absence. They now know without a doubt (if there was any sliver of doubt) that they need Jeremy Lin. And maybe once Lin is back, Atkinson will let Lin handle the ball even more. Of course, the Nets will ease Lin back, so Lin won’t immediately be playing tons of minutes and handling the ball all the time upon his return. Also, the guys who stepped up in Lin’s absence gained a lot of confidence. Kilpatrick is a prime example. And even though Whitehead is still a work-in-progress, just being thrusted into the starting lineup will give him confidence once he returns to the bench. Once Lin returns, he’ll be returning to a much stronger team than the team he was running. So that’s why I’m very optimistic about the Nets going forward, even though they’ve experienced a huge set back. In the long run, I think the absence of Lin has made this squad even stronger.

Lin has also made the most of his role on the bench, carefully observing and also serving as a quasi assistant coach. As a point guard, I think that will pay dividends for when Lin returns. By getting a chance to observe these games from the sidelines, almost like a coach, I think Lin will have an even clearer idea of what he needs to do once he returns to the lineup. I think it has also allowed him to get to know his new teammates better and understand their tendencies, which are critical things for a PG to know.

Jeremy Lin will not only return to a mentally tougher team, he’ll also be returning to a team with more talent with the additions of Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie. I think both of these guys have potential. I’ve been impressed with LeVert’s confidence. He doesn’t seem intimidated by the NBA stage, like a lot of rookies are. I’ve only seen highlights of Dinwiddie and everyone can look good in highlights, but I see a lot of potential in him. He seems like a smart player, who’s got size, can handle the ball and has good court vision. I think he should be ahead of Whitehead in the rotation and should be Lin’s first backup PG. But I don’t think that will happen anytime son.

Anyway, I know things look grim for the Nets, but it’ll all change very soon once Lin is back and gets back into his groove again. When that happen, the Nets will be humming and it’ll be fun watching their games again.


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  • pistolpete

    I agree the team seems to have improved. They have a lot of scorers in Brook, Bogs, SKil, Harris and Lin and Booker is a great hustle guy who can rebound and play defense. Whitehead has improved and his defense is good but I agree that Dinwidee has more potential. RHJ on the other hand has regressed and has played himself out of the starting lineup. Their Achilles heel of course is their defense. When Lin comes back it will help but it will still be a weakness.
    If Lin comes back against the Lakers there will be 59 games left. If they can win 30 of them they will have 36 victories for the season. That will establish Lin’s value to the team and validate him as a starting PG in the NBA. With a couple of additions thru free agency or trades the team will have a lot to look forward to next season.

    • I was glad to see RHJ out of the starting lineup. I hope it stays that way. With Dinwiddie and LeVert, I think Atkinson should keep Kilpatrick in the starting lineup with Lin back, where Kilpatrick belongs. Kilpatrick is starter material. I want him closing games with Lin. I think Dinwiddie and LeVert can become capable scorers, so Nets can have Kilpatrick in the starting lineup. I think Atkinson wants Kilpatrick playing the 6th man role, though. We’ll see.

      Yeah, because the Nets suffered a pretty major injury with Lin out, there’s an even smaller chance they will make the playoffs. 36 wins will definitely prove Lin’s tremendous value in the eyes of NBA and Nets fans. We Lin fans already know Lin’s value. πŸ™‚

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    From what I’ve seen up close last night, not only the Nets defense was weak, but so was the offense. Nobody seemed to know how to create and make plays. TO’s destroyed all momentum. What can we expect from a team with ten new guys? Still, I think coach KA is doing a good job keeping the team together. They fought hard. It just the Spurs were a superior team.

    I uploaded a bunch of short clips from last night’s Spurs game to Youtube. Just search Youtube for “Lin-less Nets vs Spurs.” Here a couple of clips starring Spencer D! (More to come later…)

    I will attend the Rockets game tomorrow night in Houston though it’s highly unlikely that Lin will play.

    • Right now, Nets media is saying that it’s probable that Lin will play, so hope you’ll get to see Lin live. Man, it would have been awesome to see Lin from the front row seats you had watching the Spurs.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    OK folks, so Lin will play tonight against the Rox. I just purchased a ticket and will be at the game. I’ll be sitting in section 103 near the exit/entry tunnel for the visiting team. πŸ™‚ Expect some video uploads after the game tonight.

    My Ouija board is back in business! It says without any hesitation that Lin-for-the-win Nets will stun the NBA world tonight. Such a homer, I’d say! πŸ˜‰

    Letzzz Gooo JLin7!

    • Enjoy the game, MrPingPong! That’s great that you’ll get to watch Lin play live.

    • That’s great that Lin managed to keep the game competitive for you, MrPingPong. Must have been pretty thrilling.

  • Very solid return for Lin. Lin had the highest +/- of anyone with a +17. Pretty much every time Lin sat, Rockets when on a run and Nets struggled. if Lin’s minutes wasn’t limited or if the Nets didn’t have to play against the refs, the Nets would have beaten a red hot team on the road with Lin back. Good things are ahead for the Nets once Lin is up and running and his minutes aren’t limited.

    Nets really need to work on team ball. They’re definitely much better at it with Lin on the floor. In the beginning of the season, they were much better at sharing the ball. I hope they get back to doing that now that Lin is back.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Hello folks, I finally finished uploading all the Rockets videos that I managed to take this past Monday. Check out this clip showing Lin chatting with MDA and KA:

    Also on Youtube, search for “Lin Nets vs Rockets” to find all the videos I uploaded.


  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I missed the Magic game but was able to watch most of the Sixers game last night. Tough loss. It was a rather trying time for Lin and Nets fans. Moral victory does not count.

    Having said all that, I am still optimistic about Lin and the Nets. There is about 2/3 of the season to go. Plenty of basketball left for Lin and the Nets to “grit” it out and win close games. The Nets seem quite disciplined in the way they manage time for Lin, not rushing him back no matter how vital Lin’s role is with the team. I like (and have always liked) the way Lin handles himself through his injury and his slow come back. Check out this video in case you haven’t seen it.

    I think Lin has the right mindset about the whole situation. There is no doubt in my mind that this young man (I’m an old man, so Lin is very young to me) will lead his team to success.

    Onto the Raps. Letzzz Gooo JLin 7!

    And have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on the WEB!

    • Thanks for the video, MrPingPong. I haven’t seen that video, but it’s a great one. I love Lin’s comments as well as those of the commentators.

      Yeah, I’m going to be patient with how conservatively the nets are handling Lin’s recovery. I think the way the Nets see it is that this season is most likely lost, so there’s no use in injuring their franchise player by rushing him back so they might as well take an extremely conservative approach. That being said, Nets would have won 3 games in a row if Lin had just played like 5 more minutes, which would only be 25 minutes total for each game. So I think the Nets are being too conservative and too pessimistic about the season. If Lin had played more minutes in these three games, Nets would still have a shot at making the playoffs. As it is now, playoffs is most likely out of the picture.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        I did not watch the Magic game, but from what I saw in the Rox and the Sixers games, clearly Lin was entrusted with the ball in closing the games. Lin seemed deliberate in the first three quarters and then cranked it up in the fourth.

        Lin will get more playing time and will get his rhythm back before soon. 30+ minutes from Lin is whatt I’d like to see. As long as Lin is healthy, it’s gonna be a lot of fun watching the Nets win games, folks!

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I don’t understand the rationale behind sitting Lopez in the upcoming Raps game. Do you? They want him to play back-to-back against the Dubs and the Cavs. This clearly contradicts the publicly announced intent not to play Lopez back-to-back at the start of the season. Why not play him against the Raps and then rest him against the Dubs?

    Anyway, Lin will play, I hope! It’s a much tougher job without Lopez. Can’t wait to see what Lin and the rest of the team will do sans Lopez. One game at a time…

    • pistolpete

      I don’t understand it either – makes no sense to me. It really hurt not having him last night as the gang couldn’t shoot straight. Lin kept getting them wide open shots and they just kept missing. If they made their regular pct. the game would have been close and Lin would have had double digit assists. One of those nights. The good news is Lin finally started and looked healthy. They were playing him 8 minutes a quarter so he would have played around 32 minutes if he hadn’t sat out the 4th quarter because they were so far behind.
      Hopefully when they play Golden State at home Thursday the shots will fall and they can make a game out of it.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        Thanks for responding, Pistol. I did not get to watch the game last night. From what I’ve read, Lin was looking to distribute the ball and not trying to do all the scoring. He always does that. It’s unfortunate that he got injured and had to sit out for more than 40 days. It takes time for the team to gel and Lin’s injury makes it that much harder to get everybody to blend as a team.

        Losing is never fun. But OK, let’s move on. Like you said, the good thing is Lin is starting. He looks healthy and the “dreaded” Performance Team will let him play more minutes, I hope. It seems like there is a strict minutes “diet” of less than 30 for everybody on the team. Lin will need to play 32+ or more to make an impact. Let’s see how things pan out.

    • Yeah, that made absolutely no sense to me to sit Lopez vs. Raps. I have no idea what they’re thinking!

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    So it’s gloom and doom everywhere for Lin/Nets fans as Lin and Co will be hosting the Dubs tonight. And rightfully so, I guess, since they couldn’t even beat the Sizers and just go walloped by the Rapteors. I hope the Nets are not gonna go into the game thinking they are gonna lose already. I’m sure Lin does not think that way. He said he would try to do “more” in the shootaround interview this morning.

    Watching the Rapteors game highlights by Lin Long (checkout, I saw exactly what our friend Pistol here was saying: so many times, Lin passed the ball to his teammates with wide open looks, but they simply did not connect. I am not sure what more he can do here besides taking more shots. For that he will need to play more minutes. I am guessing he will play around 28-30 minutes tonight.

    OK, so what does my Ouija board have to say? Lin and the Nets will shock the NBA world tonight. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on the WEB!

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    The first half was amazing. But the second half, what the hell happened? Granted the Dubs cranked up a few notches, but the come on! Anyway, enough venting…

    On the brighter side, Lin played 32 minutes, meaning the “dreaded” Performance Team has deemed Lin completely healed and healthy. And Lin was 2 rebounds shy of a triple double! Smile, Lin fans!

    The bad news is the well rested defending champ Cavs are next. Will anybody on the Nets, Lin included, have anything left in his tank tomorrow in Cleveland? Undaunted and unabashed, my Ouija board says, Lin and the Nets will shock the NBA world tomorrow!

    Letzzz Gooo, JL7!

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Merry Christmas to ALL! And in case you do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you for the Christmas wish, MrPingPong! Hope you had an enjoyable celebration with family and close friends.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Hello Lin fans/non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    I was only able to catch the fourth quarter of the Cavs game: not much fun by then. Looking at the box score, it seemed like the TOs killed us. Lin made a few bad passes himself. Lin is still trying to find the balance between creating plays for his teammates and taking matters in his own hands and shoot more, I think. Rebounding was bad also. Dunno if the absence of Booker had anything to do with it or not. On a brighter side, the Nets 3Pt % (8/30) is better than that of the Cavs (8/35) ;-).

    OK, let’s move on to the Bees game tonight. I think the toughest issue for the Nets right now is the team’s morale, which must be quite low at this point. How to work and improve on the mental aspect of the game? Lin and his teammates must figure it out together somehow.

    Letzzz Gooo, JL7.

    Have a great day/evening everyone, wherever you are on this WEB!

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    I missed the Bees game tonight and came home to learn that Lin was playing well until he re-injured his hammy but the Nets pulled an upset thanks to Foye’s buzzer beater. Dismayed and ecstatic at the same time. πŸ™ and πŸ™‚

    • I haven’t been watching any Nets games in a while. I figured it would be a waste of time to watch the games vs. Warriors and Cavs–especially with Lin’s limited minutes. Wanted to watch the Hornets, but was busy.

      I just learned that Lin re-injured his hammy. Very discouraging. This is now a lost season for the Nets.

      • MrP1ngP0ng

        Sadly it is a lost season for both Lin and the Nets. I watched many of the Lin highlights, many of them showed how Lin first stepped on Batum’s foot and rolled his left ankle, going full speed to the rim. Lin continued to play trying to shake it off. It is not unreasonable to assume that by compensating for the bad ankle, Lin re-injured his hammy in another full speed drive to the basket. Sigh…

  • Clockp

    No Lin, no interest. I’ll revisit when he’s back, perhaps next year. Hamstring problems aren’t career ending, I hope.

    • I hear you. I haven’t been watching Nets games in a while. I doubt Lin’s injury is career ending. I think Nets realize this is a lost season and so they don’t really want to keep Lin out as long as possible for him to recover for next season.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Happy Year of the Rooster/Hen to everyone.
    No Lin, no fun!
    The Nets are random like a rudderless ship.
    I strongly recommend watching the first half of the games they play.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    Hello Lin fans, non-fans and non Lin fans, just making conversation here…

    So coincidentally on VaLintine day, the Nets announce that Lin is cleared to full practice and will be back after the ASB. There is an article on that suggests that Lin may as well sit out the rest of this lost season just to play it safe.

    I see the points this article is trying to make, but I think worst come to worst (and god forbid), should Lin re-injures his hammy coming back this time, he will have the whole off-season to recover. For a young person, the cells will regenerate and the body will heal.

    Switching topic somewhat, I see that our old friend PistolPete is still frequenting RealGM debating various issues. I agree with you Pistol that Cliff misused Lin completely by starting PJ and not Lin. I think our Philosopher here had stated that Cliff was clueless about Lin’s game. Cliff was bent on starting Batum at the two and MKG at the three. So he started PJ at the three as a placeholder for MKG to come back from injury. Oh well, it’s a moot point really. Lin is with the Nets now. Let’s hope Lin can come back 100% and bring us joy watching him run the show!

    Have a wonderful evening/day wherever you are on this WEB!

  • Clockp

    No Lin, no interest.

  • Pistolpete

    Very excited about tonight! Pray that JLin can finish the season without injury and achieve his goals which he so justly deserves.

  • MrP1ngP0ng

    In case you haven’t read it, Tom Gardner is one heck of a number cruncher and a serious Lin fan:

    OK, Lin and company play the Dubs tonight. My Ouija board says Lin and the Nets will fight like hell. Letzzz Gooo, JL7!

  • It was good seeing Lin play the 4th quarter last night vs. the Kings. And Nets managed to play team ball when Lin was in and end their second worst losing streak in franchise history. Lin’s three point shot looked great! Hope that continues.

  • Pistolpete

    Linsanity is back!!!

  • In Michael Lewis’s latest book, Daryl Morey admits that his model had Lin as a 15th pick in the 2010 draft, but he and others let their bias, due to Lin being Asian, get in the way of actually drafting Lin. Here’s a reddit post that has more info: