I’m not someone who is very interested in celebs or sports stars, etc. But I’m so drawn to Jeremy Lin, because it’s such a great story of passion and determination. This is just a storage space for all the things that interest or amuse me about Jeremy Lin, as well as all of my musings on him.

This is the new home of http://jeremylintelligence.wordpress.com, which I started back in February of 2012 at the start of Linsanity. If you’re interested in checking out some of my older posts, take a look at the “Featured Posts” in the sidebar. I think you’ll find these posts very informative and useful–especially when it comes to responding to Jeremy Lin Haters/Doubters, as well as sharing with other Lin fans. In particular, the following posts come to mind:

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  • John Yang

    Very happy to find your site! I look forward to reading even more intelligent content.

    • standupphilosopher

      Thank you, John, for the comment. I’m very happy you found my site, as well.

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